Wendy Jane Erlick BA Hons (Sociology and Social Anthropology) is an Intuitive Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Energy Healer,  Spiritual Writer & Angel Channeller.


Wendy works as an Angel Channeller from the UK’s oldest esoteric centre Watkins Books (Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London), her home near Totnes, Devon and by Skype across the world.  In her previous career, Wendy worked in Local Government & Consultancy and is trained as an Executive Coach and as a Manager.  She has a keen interest in supporting the ‘Great Shift,'  in Energy Protection and Energy Management and the Integration of Spirituality into Everyday Life.  Her book “The Gift of an Angel”  was published in 2016.  She currently engaged in writing her second book which will be published in autumn 2019.

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