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I tell the whole story of how I became to work as an intuitive coach and an Angel Channeller in my book, The Gift Of An Angel.


I believe that I gained the gift of communicating with my angel, and to be able to see energy, heal and have advanced intuition because of an experience that happened to me when I was in my early twenties when I had a numinous encounter. I was at university, and a member of the Hull University Fell Walking and Rambling Club, on a Sunday outing to walk in the Yorkshire Dales, the coach that I was travelling in slipped on agricultural mud and overturned. Thrown out of the window, with my back broken, I sat on the side of the road. I saw that the skies or heaven above the upturned coach had opened up and angelic support poured out to the scene below; I saw it as many hands and great beauty, I heard the music of such delicacy and grace that I have no words to come near to describing it.

The book Balancing Heaven and Earth by Robert A Johnson recently gave me an explanation of what had happened and how my experience of a numinous encounter impacted upon me. When he was eleven years old Johnson had a bad accident. This led to a glimpse of a Golden World, that he says was a ‘numinous encounter’ or glimpse of heaven or Paradise. He says that it had ‘golden light’, condensation of pure beauty; that Dante finds it nearly impossible to describe his vision of Paradise: “In the heaven that receives most of its light I have been, and have seen things which he who descends from the above neither knows how nor is able to recount”. Johnson says: “These openings into another realm can be terribly dangerous; indeed, visions of heaven break some people by interrupting their sense of identity and continuity. For years my life seemed upended by this glimpse of the divine. Nothing on this earth could fill my hunger for more of the ecstatic experience. None of the aspirations or goals that seemed to drive other people could hold my interest for long. History is filled with examples of mad ones, monks, sages and seers who have undergone numinous encounters, and for such souls, it becomes nearly impossible to lead an ordinary life”. p67 Balancing Heaven and Earth by Robert A Johnson.

I think that I am very fortunate that I am so strong and have been able to hold the energy of what happened and use it to facilitate healing, insight and energy clearing to assist the clients who work with me to be their best selves. The miracle is that when I write a channelled angel reading, the energy from the reading is much stronger than can be felt when I am writing and not channelling. Clients confirm this. Knowing about the impact of numinous experiences has also helped me to have more confidence in my role as a Seeress.

The Gift Of An Angel - Chapter Two


It is the autumn of 1979. I am a student at the University of Hull in the North of England. I am reading Sociology and Social Anthropology; it is my second year. I am nineteen years old. I am a member of the Hull University Fell Walking and Rambling Association.


Around eighty people meet monthly and take an excursion to a popular walking trail; we travel to the starting point of each walk by coach.

I am sitting on the side of the road in the Yorkshire Dales, an area of outstanding natural beauty about fifty miles from the university campus. I can feel a light chilly wind coming up from the dip in the valley. It is around10am. It is a damp and misty morning. The air is chilled, sharp. There is confusion and chaos around me: screaming, distress. The two-coach excursion has turned into a nightmare; our coach slipped on agricultural mud and turned onto its roof. Thankfully I managed to crawl out of a smashed window. The coach behind us managed to make an emergency stop. At this moment, every able-bodied person is trying to turn the coach back on to an even footing. No emergency services have arrived yet. There is a dense atmosphere with energy of subdued shock. I am disorientated; I was sleeping when the coach crashed. I am fully alert now, watching, but I cannot move. An excruciating pain shoots down my back. Am I in a dream? I don’t understand what is going on.

I look at the upside down coach. Above the wheels and base of the coach is a bright iridescent rainbow light. Silvery white-human-like forms that resemble what I assume must be Angels; a vortex of light streaming through reaches out hands towards the roof of the coach.

Today, I know now that I saw Angelic forms, welcoming the souls of the people that were dead under the coach. But at the time, in the autumn of 1979, I did not know what was going on; all I saw was this magnificent scene of beauty and Angelic activity. The pleas of the passengers ebbed and flowed because I also heard a sound of music that, to be honest, I have no words to describe; the only reference that I can give it now is that it was classical in tone and cantorial. Oddly, in the midst of this horrific scene of mayhem, I could palatably feel a heightened sense of anticipation and joy. From the ground where I sat, I also felt a throbbing sensation. I wanted to tell people – to tell everyone in my midst – to stop what they were doing because the Angels were here and there was no need for them to do anything. Surely they knew there was nothing my friends and fellow students could do for the people stuck under the coach. Four of our group of people died that day including three fellow students and a friend of mine who sat behind me in the coach.

I endured three hairline fractures in my lower back. I refused the offer of an ambulance; I felt that others needed it more than me. I didn’t think that I could accept assistance as all my life until that time I had not been good at accepting help. In fact, I preferred to draw back and put others before myself. I made a mistake that day. My shortsighted decision meant a long road to physical recovery but I was young and healed nonetheless.’


Chapter 2 The Gift of an Angel.

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