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24/28: For love & happiness flying around the room😇

🎄 Chaos, beauty & exuberance visited the house yesterday; created by Josh Zach & Flo (I obviously was an oasis of serenity!) For Joy: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🎄 I found an old diary, it explained something & exonerated me. Thank You:Thank You for understanding.

❤️ A very sweet & kind message came my way. It caused my heart to sing: For lifting of the heart: Thank You; Thank You:Thank You.

🎉 For supper with my sons: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 I finished the new Phillip Pullman Book: La Belle Sauvage: A masterpiece. Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 Despite leaving everything to the last minute (due to being stuck in above book) I found everything I needed except raw beetroot! For choice & availability.Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

🎀 For Love: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

❤️ For being able to navigate the day without too much drama (one slow puncture ; but really that is a first world problem) Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

😇 For a telephone message from one of my aunts (Thank You;Thank You;Thank You).

😇For flowers on the table bought by my sons: deepest thanks & gratitude: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

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