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36:100: For consolidation and inwardness: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

❄️ Today has been a still and an inward looking day; This mostly likely means that growth lurks just below the surface: For Peace;Thank You Thank You; Thank You.

❄️ I don’t know about you but I find these stark winter days to bring clarity: both inner clarity & outer clarity: Thank You; Thank You;Thank You(For insight)

❄️  I am finding the strength to break some patterns and the strength to work. For these assets I have gratitude:Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

❄️This cold winter day seeps into my bones: I feel in survival mode. Its not the most comfortable of modes but at least I am alive! Thank You;Thank You;Thank you.

❤️ For Love:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

❤️ For money that flows towards me as I receive and away from me as I give: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

❄️ The radio talk that I gave yesterday has left me feeling tired today. Outward expansion can do that; yet I also know (from past experience) that in a month or two I will take it in my stride & not even notice it: For growth:Thank You;Thank you;Thank You.

❄️To the people who came into Watkins for readings today; Your custom is appreciated. Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

❄️ To those people who care about me and care for me: Your caring is appreciated.

❄️ For a day that overall was not easy: My own strength is legendary! Thank You;Thank you;Thank you.

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