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4/28: For the chance to wish upon a star:Thank You:Thank You:Thank You

🌠 For the chance (last night) to wish upon a (shooting star); Profound & heartfelt Thankyou.

🍂 For a dog that rolls somersaults in the frosty park:Thank You: Thank You:Thank You.

❤️ For a safe journey to London: Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

🍂 For a cup of tea with my friend: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You

🍂 For the sight of a Cormorant spreading its wings to dry  in the morning sun: Thank You; Thank You: Thank You,

🍂For work received & acknowledged with gratitude: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

🍁 For Love: Thank You: Thank You:Thank You.

🍂For a roof over my head & a table to write upon: Thank You Thank You:Thank You.

🍁For a book which has begun (finally)Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

🍂For sons that have courage: Thank You: Thank You:Thank you.

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