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A heart made of stone…….

I have just had one of those 4 o’clock in the morning nights. You perhaps know the type? the kind laden with self judgment.   This night was made worse (or better) by my guides saying, repeatedly, ‘ Wendy, you must open your heart’.   I knew that this action would involve me in pain, because of the amount of stretching and self examination it was likely to cause.  However, I remembered and took on board, Rebekah Shaman’s  Aries Lunascope (  I decided not to think but to surrender to the night.   So what happened next, well internal reviews of a series of past events.    I didn’t necessarily behave that favourably in all of them!   More excruciating pain.  Further messages from my guides ‘look this happened, you contributed that, learn, forgive, apologise where necessary, look ahead’, and in exasperation,  “Stay in faith, Look up! “.

Unfortunately I couldn’t look up, I was too downcast and downhearted.  So I kept on looking down.   But then, later that day,  I was given a sign from the universe.  Usually when I at home in Devon and walking on the beach I collect stones in the shape of hearts.  Part of my heartache was stemming from extreme homesickness.    Today the universe continued to demonstrate  that even in an urban environment (London) I am provided for.  As I came out of the house on the pavement I saw the most enormous heart etched into the tarmac.  There is a photo below for you to see:   Ok. I couldn’t carry it away with me except by photograph but it supported my musings and gave me hope.  I have added a couple more photos taken from Waterloo Bridge contributing to the  theme of hope and faith.  These are the London Eye (Serenity and Coming full Circle), plus another picture of a plant growing seemingly out of nowhere, and certainly where it shouldn’t be. Now who does that remind me of!


Message from CB: “Continue to work on yourself to aid the raising of the earth’s vibration. Where you are able to provide practical assistance to those in need do so with an open heart. Try not to close down in the face of extreme need. If you are unable to provide practical assistance,allow your heart to stay open and give blessings and send prayers”.

I wish you a blessed and heartfelt dayx

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