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Angel to do list 16th of May 2010

These are the instructions for today:

  1. Complete that which was undone yesterday………..I left quite a lot undone really.

  2. I was unfocused and grieving yesterday. 10 minutes in prayer for the end of human suffering can seem quite a long time when there is personal angst to consider and mull over. I managed to hug one of my sons and didn’t see the other so that task was only half done! Looking at the sky and realising the marvel of infinity  was easier and so too was asking for help from CB.

  3. In the night I work up with the realisation that thanks to being able to access CB I am living a holy and spiritual life and am indeed fortunate.  So although I didn’t actually hum gratitude I felt it in my bones and became it- or it became me – not sure which way around.

  4. hug your children (only half completed I am afraid to say)

  5. ‘use heart energy where needed in your day to day transactions to give comfort’ (I carried this out today when I was in the supermarket and saw a young hurt looking boy pushing a wheelchair that contained a crate of cider……

  6. take time to look at a piece of apple blossom and marvel at its beauty-ops have been to lazy to do this and am resistant because it will make me think of a TV programme that featured an author….someone denis? potter who whilst dying of cancer celebrated the beauty of apple blossom. However this is a very silly reaction. I will take my dog and look at apple blossom this very evening.

  7. ‘Take the time to savour and really appreciate each piece of food that you put in your mouth’. I can get lost and start spiraling off doing this- I start thinking about the processes to arrive at the point of eating and am filled with wonder at the complexity of our world…..

  8. spend 10 minutes in prayer for the relief of human suffering: I will carry this out tonight.

  9. ‘Sing of the beauty in the world’. This is still outstanding and isn’t it the task of birds? Who incidently do sing a wonderful dawn chorus.  I hate my voice any way. But at some point I will try to hum along a little.

This is the new to do list:

  1. Have confidence and faith that where you think all is lost all is not lost

  2. Embrace pain and have gratitude for the fact that you are alive enough to feel.

  3. Stay strong and keep your feet on the earth.

  4. praise, love and adore all of your friends for all that they bring into your life.

  5. Do not operate from a place of blame or judgement.

  6. Guard yourself and dance in your own space in the universe without cutting of from or distancing yourself from others.

  7. And finally- ‘ this is more than enough to be going along with’……..!

So I had better stop blogging and walk the dog. Lily deserves praise and adoration because she can fetch and  carry a balloon with out popping it!

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