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I am pleased to say that now I am  following CB diet my weight is dropping off,

Plus its easy (No wheat, no dairy, no caffine, no sugar).

And I feel better.

A way to go yet but it’s a fantastic journey

to liberation

I cannot weight to be free.

Here is CB message for today:

“Focus and achieve more that you thought would be possible…

Do not flinch-or cut off through fear.

All power lies within.

Enjoy the beauty of the days but

Do not stop giving”.

I think that what CB means by ‘Do not stop giving” Is to make sure that I carry out my work. Often I feel heavy when I think ‘oh I must work today’ -but that is if I am focussing on my need for money-if I am focusing on my work then I feel joyous — as I love it. All the self help and new age books say-focus on what you love and the money will follow-but I have only just understood it! Well, better late than never-had better sign off now…..Have a glorious day!

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