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Committing to Celestial Bell: to do list 21st of May

Sometimes I struggle with Cb and wonder if I am crazy. This is not helped by one of my friends calling CB ‘celestial b*ll*cks’.   So my  intention is to commit fully to her for 90 days and see what happens. This will also mean that I have to commit to operating at a higher level within one particular friendship. But it will mean that I should be less tired from continually flipping backwards and forwards between having belief and being cynical and untrusting. As I am trying to operate within the perimeters of changing myself to change the world it will be interesting to see what happens. I am also not doing to deny her or the fact that I am a healer or apologise for her, or when I mention her say…’I hope that you don’t think that I am crazy’  Well we will see what happens. Already I feel steadier.

So here is the to do list for today 21st and tomorrow 22nd.

  1. Make sure that you bless your food before you eat

  2. be constant in your love for your most beloved friend so that he can draw down on your strength.

  3. Give healing freely where you see a need and your offer for assistance is accepted.

  4. Raise the vibration with in your home by cleaning and look to see how ethical your supplies are.

  5. work to curb your temper and have more patience

  6. Try to operate from love only

  7. seek solitude so that you are able to replenish.

  8. enjoy the freedom that operating within faith has

  9. dearly beloved know that the shift will serve you well.

  10. Your healing (personal and ability to heal) is now going to be stronger. accept your gift and use it to serve.

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