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Day 2/28: enough beauty to take my breath away;

❤️Yesterday the sky was so full of beauty & drama that it took my breath away & I felt intoxicated and drunk with wonder. For this experience Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🌺 Yesterday my dog Flo and her playmate (Bonny) discovered a rat on the beach. For the fact that Flo did Not engage with the rat deep gratitude & thank you; thank you; thank you!

❤️ I made my wonder soup today: Take 4 or 5 organic carrots; a head of celery; 2 or 3 onions & as much garlic as you like. Sweat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil on a low heat for 45 minutes. Add a tin of tomato’s & 3 tins of cannelloni beans; a handful of Cavo Nero; A good handful of parsley, a potato cut small; 4-10 squashy tomatoes; maybe a pint or so of water (to your taste) and some bouillon. Season and simmer for an hour or so. This soup will last me a day or so now and in the land of slimming world is only 4 syns in total. Thank you Thank You; Thank you for a large saucepan full of soup and the luxury of not needing to cook for a day or so.

🌷 A project and a grant application came knocking at my door. To my surprise I enjoyed working on it. For a chance to connect and a chance to give; Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌠 For love: Thank You: thank You: thank You.

😇 I had supper with my sons yesterday & caught up on their news. Every time I see them I am more proud! For the gift to be a proud mother: Profound & deep Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

❄️ For a living room that is enlivened by a dog, who considers it her absolute duty to round up old shoes; soft toys & her bed in order to play (robustly) & have fun: Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

❄️ For the contrast of the crispness of this weather outside & warmth inside: Many Thank You: Thank You: Thank You’s.

❤️ For the time & space within which to write an article: Thank You: Thank You: Thank you.

🎆 For the combined perfection of the day: Thank You:Thank You; Thank You.

Here is an angel reading for the day: “To delight in beauty is excellent. Do not forget to be productive”

Ah: I think that this one specifically relates to me. But if it resonates with you also; then happy working!

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