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Day 25/28 : I think that I moved up & I wish the same for you!

  1. Today I had my most profound gratitude experience so far; I will try to put it into words. This is what happened; I was looking out of the window & thinking about writing this list. Narcissism & jealousy was rife in the family that I grew up in & I had a moment when I thought; ‘I wonder if people will think that  am boasting with my gratitude list’. Then; ‘but you are not really listing that much, even if to you its everything’ .  Suddenly I understood that We are all part of the divine &  we are meant to live in divinity.  That we all have & are all meant to have access to everything; to all abundance; to every beautiful sky; to a loving family; the joy of seeing children grow. It’s there for all of us. How wonderful is that? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For the joy of being alive & all that is given.

  2. I had gratitude for my son’s today who sent me an advance copy of my Chanukah gift; the picture of the woman above with the dog. It perfectly captures the tenderness and love that I have for my companion dog Lily & we even have a blue tin mug in the house; just like the one in the picture. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  3. I brought bread in the almond thief today. Eating the bread that they bake is a holy experience; Thank you; Thank you; Thank you, for bread made of sourdough.

  4. Because of looking out of the window & dreaming today (see point 1, above), I was accidentally 20 minutes late to meet my friend. Driving to see her I had gratitude for our friendship & tolerance of me. I knew that she would not be cross; but interested in what I saw when looking out of the window. It was so. She understood. Thank you; thank you; thank you for the blessings of friends.

  5. This morning I went into Totnes to shop & found a car parking space; just where I needed. Its wonderful to be in flow; Thank you; thank you; thank you.

  6. I brought vegetable’s for supper from Dawn’s organic stand in Totnes today. She had been kind enough to buy & read my book & post a review; I love being interconnected. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you for kindnesses.

  7. I went into the shops; the shop keepers are prepared for the holidays; it seems that there is extra giving in the air. There is so much abundance. I am truly grateful. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  8. It is shabbat today; the holidays begin. Every shabbat I have the chance to put a white tablecloth on the table; to light the candles; drink blessed wine & eat bread that has been blessed  & have gratitude; I try to every week. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  9. Cards arrived in the post & by email & an invitation for all of us to go to a Bar-mitzvah. I love hearing from friends & joining my friends for celebrations, especially when its for a young person that I have known their whole life. Thank you Thank you; Thank you for the love of friends & parties.

  10. Finally, thank you for this gratitude process. It is making me feel stronger; I do not understand why exactly; except that I notice it has a transcendental quality that shifts me into my centre; even if just for a little while. Thank you; Thank you; thank you.

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