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Flowering through the cracks………..

I was out walking last thursday and because on that day I was down hearted I was looking at the ground. Where I found inspiration from a flower.

There was the flower, bravely flowering, determined and on its own,  only a few feet away from a large flower bed and it gave me comfort! The reason for this was that it was growing out of the tiniest crack and yet was still magnificent. I was much amused and somehow soothed.  How can a flower give hope? But why shouldn’t a flower give hope?

Here are some photos of that flower taken in a back street in Exeter .


Later in the week I visited Burgh Island. Of course it is beautiful and magnificent, here below are the photo’s to prove it. Yet somehow it was the Exeter flower that most touched my heart.


Burgh Island


View from Burgh Island

An angel reading for this evening:

‘Do not doubt that you have the  ability to shine and flourish even when you feel that you are in adversity. Try to remember to seek beauty within the unexpected and appreciate your ability to be beautiful and shine simply in being, rather than doing’.

Hope that you are enjoying these summer days.

love Wendyx

NB From the 20th of July I will be working from Watkins Bookshop in Cecil Court every other Sunday.

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