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Gratitude List & Angel Blessing Day 69/365

1. I leave Suffolk early to work in Watkins. The day is busy. I love busy days in Watkins. I worked with some people, both interesting and lovely. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

2. The new Kindred Spirit is out. Page 30 has an article that I have written. Its a review of Nelson remedies. For creative expression: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

3. I met with Josh to catch up. I feel v'clempt to hear his news and just spend time with him. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

4. My mother has given me various errands to run whilst I am in London. Hmm. I wonder how long the period of peace will last. As long as I am patient I presume. ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

5. I am meant to join "Under One Sky" to give out parcels to people who are homeless. However circumstances prevent me from going. It will have to be next time. For another chance: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

6. I catch up with Zachary by phone. He explains the election results to me. I begin to see things a little differently. The conversation and his insights change my understanding.ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

7. For the comradeship of working in Watkins: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

8. For Love: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

9. For change:ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

10. For unity and for peace: ThankYou;Thank You;Thank You.

An Angel Reading "Do not doubt or be afraid. Ultimately the Divine will prevail. All changes. Observe and be vigilant. Adjustment is needed. Assist people to be strong and stay true".

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