Gratitude List Day & Angel Message 31/365

1. This was my last day in Blackawton/ Devon. I was accompanied by rainbows that always feel like hope: Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

2. I began operation take stuff to lock up with consideration and care, things were sorted and packed properly. It ended with tiredness, chaos and laughter. I flung the ironing board in, followed by the vaccum cleaner and slammed the door tight on the whole lot. For liberation. Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

3. Saying good bye to my neighbours, over three days: "Wendy, why are you still here?", I was struck by how much I had enjoyed my time in Blackawton, the kindness and welcome that I had received from many people. Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

4. I arrived safely in London @ 2am.Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

5. I received many messages of support and was supported by friends in the process.Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

6. I am covered with bruises and wearing elegant ? open toed sandals, but because I was so busy I did not have time to eat and lost half a stone. Result: Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

7. For transition: Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

8. For Love:Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

9. For finishing up Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

10. For the house in Blackawton; the time there and many kindness I have the deepest gratitude. Thank You Thank You;Thank You.

And here is an Angel Reading

"You have done well, now it is time to rest. Trust. All is well".


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