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Gratitude Listing:day 15

Apologies; I have been away & no access to a computer. So I was good and made notes; Here is the list for day 15.

  1. I have gratitude for the fact that I have new boots. There was only one pair in my size left in my favourite shoe shop but it was the perfect pair. Thank you: Thank you: Thank you

  2. I have gratitude to the person who sold me a cup of tea at Leigh Delaware Service Station & shared with me ‘I am living my dream’; thank you thank you thank you.

  3. I have gratitude for the opportunity to work on myself, to change & to grow. Thank you;thank you thank you.

  4. I Have gratitude to my sons for all of their kindness & grace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. I have gratitude for a party invitation tomorrow (Tuesday); now I am enjoying the prospect of it. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  6. I have gratitude for the ability to drive to London from Devon. It makes me feel free  & I love to go about my business. Thank you; Thank you; Thank You.

  7. I have gratitude for my hair cut; It is transforMATIVE. Thank you;thank you.Thank you (Chris of Pur Hair in Totnes).

  8. I have gratitude to Chris for volunteering to cut the hair of people who are living in Totnes without a home. He has little time. His kindness is inspiring. Thank you;Thank you; Thank you.

  9. I have much gratitude to my client who recommissioned my coaching course. Its a deep honour to work with them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. I have gratitude to another client who completed their coaching course. No further work is needed for now. Thank you;Thank you. Thank You.

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