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Gratitude x Day 7/28


I am one quarter of the way through; and the last two days have been tough. Far from being optimistic I felt that I had hit rock bottom. But in a way I am glad; I wish this to be an authentic process; if I had been feeling completely happy throughout I may have felt that I was conducting a spiritual bypass. The deep feelings of sadness have at least been genuine and for that I am grateful.

So here is the list for today:

  1. I have gratitude for my capacity to feel; it means that I am alive! Thank you; thank you; thank you.

  2. I have gratitude for the fact that; for now the Standing Rock protest has been effective; the pipe line has not been allowed. Most amazing and most wonderful news. Gives me hope & joy as evidence of the great turning. Thank you: thank you :thank you.

  3. I have gratitude for the clients that I worked with today who in return for my facilitation offered me their thanks; Thank you; Thank you; thank you.

  4. I have gratitude for the sweetness of the day as the year draws to its close & allows me the opportunity for introspection. Thank you: Thank You; Thank you.

  5. I have gratitude for shops that are open on Sunday! Thank you thank you; Thank you.

  6. I walked by the sea to day and have gratitude for its powers of cleansing and invigoration; Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  7. I have gratitude for the season. I received a gift of a hyacinth in a pot today. Beautiful;thank you;thank you Karen for a unique & magical gift.

  8. I have gratitude for my designer Joshua Ben Erlick. He designed my new initiative today; Gift Vouchers; Please email me on if you would like to buy any 30min, 1 hour; or complete intuitive coaching course as a seasonal gift. Thank you; thank you. thank you;

  1. Its now 11.45pm in the Uk; I am only just going to make my deadline of listing 10 items of gratitude every day. As I am writing this I have gratitude for the prospect of tomorrow; Another day;another dollar!  Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  2. I have gratitude for the silence that currently surrounds me. It is deeply nourishing; Thank you; thank you;thank you.

Thats all for now until tomorrow. Good night! x

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