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In for a penny, in for a pound- or dollar!

This is a wonderful day.

Because I have finally decided to step in to my shoes as a committed and full time energy healer, writer and Angel Channeller.

And to celebrate I am giving a special deal for one month only-

Reduced price energy healing sessions by Skype, or face to face.

$30 or £20.00-to Change Your Life and help reach your highest potential

It seems that my Angel Celestial Bell (CB) really does help to change lives-

I always leave Wendy’s so much more lighter and more empowered than when I arrive. During the session, she works on many different levels and  creates a safe space where you can be held. Wendy also gives you tools to take home with you so you can take you’re healing into your own hands.

She has helped me through a tough period in my life by working with me and allowing me to discover my own inner strength and uncover what my truest self desires. I highly recommend her!’


So I invite you to take advantage of my special offer-remember that ANGELIC ENERGY REALIGNMENT is my SPECIALITY.  The purpose of my work is to offer  angelic healing,  facilitation and guidance in order to enable each client to realise their potential and be realigned with Source Energy’’

Here is the reading from CB

” Finally you have stepped into your power-it has taken you long.  Now you’re healing power will be accelerated.  Do not lose faith, document your successes, as through you many people will experience and bring about their own miracle. Do not delay each light worker becomes necessary-the dimensions change. The light of divinity shines upon the Earth. All is changing.”

Please contact me if you would like to experience  Angelic Realignment:

Remember that concessions are available.

With love and wishing you a wonderful day,


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