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It feels like change is in the air……..

For the whole of last Thursday (election day here in the UK), I heard CB my angel whispering; “Its all over”.  Of course I wanted to know what was over. I asked anxiously “what is all over? Is this good or bad?”,  but all I heard back was an amused “wait & see”.

So I waited. What else could I do? And then I watched the result of the election into the night. And realised what CB was forewarning. A massive sea change. The Great Shift. A surge of people coming forward & being engaged. A sense that every person now matters. Even if at the moment there is chaos as our ‘Prime Minister’ is behaving as if she is a chicken that is unaware that her head has been cut off, somewhere it seems  Jeremy Corbyn has become Gandalf.

Here is an Angel Reading for today “Hold faith and support the realignment. The change is far deeper than you even imagine. The vibration of the earth shifts its balance to love. Be honoured that you are here to observe & serve.”

Dear Reader I send you good wishes for  a day of joy & fulfilment. 😇

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