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Casual almost careless Beauty expands my heart.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Hello, it used to be the case that I blogged regularly. But my last blog was at least two years ago. There are many reasons for the gap. With time there is recovery and I am glad that I can arrive today with something to say. Thank You for joining me once again.

The photo above, of gladioli in a vase in my lounge caught my attention because of the way, by accident, the colours of the flowers were caught by the picture of sunflowers and then the red on the wall outside. I love it when colour spans space and almost casually creates a moment of perfection. Very often when I lay a Tarot card spread, the same thing happens; then the revelations are abstract and not actualised, although they may concern the material. But still a snapshot is provided which threads through time and space to provide illumination.

Meanwhile, as a snapshot, there are at least 20 stories contained in the photo above, if not more.

The vase, containing the gladioli was made by Josh, my son. I found the small wooden table out side the Noel Coward Theatre, evidently surplus to requirements. My friend Joanna helped me to carry it home. Meanwhile my son Zach observing our appropriation was mortified and worried that we would be arrested for theft. So he ran away quickly; faster than lightening, the thought of which still makes me laugh. These are x 2 stories of c20....that cut across my years and hold me in strength, love and safety.

Wishing You a beautiful day of grace and love.

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