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kintsukuroi; (ness).


This came up on my Facebook page; It was originally posted by Ali Imdad and found its way to me by various ‘shares’.   I found the photo and concept of kintsukuroi so touching. I don’t know what you think of this, but to me it speaks of endurance and redemption.  It shows that when things go wrong and that there is forgiveness; rebuilding that relationship may then become more precious and more beautiful.  Perhaps we enter into a state of grace?

I often find that it is the kindest people seeking an Angel Reading; sometimes looking for a way to become less caring; more boundaried; harder.    My personal angel CB usually advocates acceptance and I am always quoting Colin Tipping of Radical Forgiveness fame to clients, saying that “You are perfect just the way you are”.   But this can be hard to reaIise so I  also will start handing out copies of  the kintsukuroi  above to back him up.

So that we may remember if we have been broken we are also whole; also beautiful; also worthy of contributing.

There is a liberation in being accepting of ones self and others.   And strength too; as it allows honesty.

Here is CB’s interpretation “Know that you are entire unto yourself;  the complexity and simplicity of the technique (kintsukuroi) is elegant beyond measure ; have faith in your right to be on earth. If some situations do not allow a repair then often it means that your vibration has changed. Learn well, look ahead, do not look back. Move on with grace’.  

Wishing you a productive day; appreciate your own veins of gold, running deep within you. x

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