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Laying Bare the Bones

Laying Bare the Bones is the title of my new business. I have decided to focus on energy management and healing, or at least give each as equal attention as my consultancy.

I also thought that it might be more interesting is I started to write this blog as a ‘diary of a psychic’ – because I like stories…….

So this is the psychic story for today:

It was my birthday in April and my friends made me a birthday tea: I was grateful and felt that I had been blessed (Thank you everyone!). When we were about to leave I saw Lily (not her real name) climbing into her four by four via the passenger seat. She told me that the drivers side lock was broken- she couldn’t unlock it. I asked her permission to give the lock some healing, which she gave: when I ‘tuned in’ the lock felt very stuck, as though it was holding its breath- so I mentally asked the lock to breathe- and put my hand in front of it- sending it energy. I must admit I was startled when the car door unlocked in two seconds but pleased too.  Because it concerned the right hand side- The drivers side- I also read this incident as a message to be more proactive and more in the world- hence my new business endeavour!. Please pass this blog on if this entry interests you. Thank you.

Oh and CB’s message for today is ‘have faith- you are provided for. All is well, enjoy your triumph – opening a lock is fun but you can do much more if you focus!

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