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Life that turns on a sixpence and an enchanted world.

On Saturday 1st of June 2019 I was driving my son Zach down the lanes (unclassified), close to where we live, to The Cafe by the sea where he works. The Patterdale whose name is Flo was sitting in the back of the car. Reality flipped when another car hurtled around the corner at speed, crashing into us, causing so much damage that the car had to be written off.

Because the first words that the other driver said were "I am sorry, I was driving too fast", I was not angry. Also no one was really hurt. We were all still in one piece. The ambulance came, the police came, I was breathalyzed. I was anxious: because I work so much with spirit I thought it my energy might impact on the breathalyzer! But it didn't (luckily). I limped the car home with the policeman Jon following behind me.

In the blink of an eye without warning everything changed. I was meant to attend a holistic show later that day. That was no longer possible. The car was collected, taken away on the back of a truck. In the space of a few hours there was an empty space where the car had once been.

The following day I needed to go to London. I walked the lane (this takes Zach 20 minutes, it took me 45) caught the bus to Totnes that comes twice a day on Sundays ; then the train from Totnes to Paddington.

Within this whole episode my friends gave me solace, through kindnesses and by telling my story I realised that I was still here.

Then reality shifted again. Kindred Spirit had kindly asked me to attend an event for Dr Bachs Nature remedies. This included a visit to Dr Bach's garden in Oxford. Obviously I will write about it in more depth for KS, but here I will say that I entered into an enchanted realm. Dr Bach's story is one of good heart and generosity. I don't know if you are able to see (in the photo above) the nature spirits or devas that have a strong presence in his garden. Perhaps it was that my senses were so heightened because of the accident I was very much aware. This one garden in Oxford, which is not large, gives the flowers and trees for nearly all of the Bach essences that provide healing around the world. Soundness of heart, generosity, magical healing, kindness travel a long way.

I am still processing these events. Now we have to find a new car which feels like a faff. Once I would have looked for and found spiritual significance in the episode. I am sure that it is there. But at this point I only have the deepest gratitude for the fact that my beloved son and dog are still here and and amazement because I did not lose my temper. I can be very fiery. Once I would have screamed at the person who came at speed around the corner, knocking my world. And blamed him. But this time I didn't. I had compassion. I did not go into victim. Obviously this is a miracle.

And here is a message from 'my', personal angel, Celestial Belle: "Although it may feel counter intuitive; indeed you begin to arrive. You are served by maintaining a heightened sense of reality, by slowing down and focusing. Work. Understand your self to be blessed. "

Wishing You dear reader, days of soundness of heart, generosity and kindness.

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