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Listening with the whole body.

CB’s ‘to do list’ today:

  1. Take a salt bath to clean your energy field*

  2. Ensure that you communicate positively even with those people towards whom  you feel resistance. Listen well today, use your whole body as well as your ears.

  3. This is a time of great energy. The solstice  has tipped you towards the light. Harness it and use it well.

*I am using pink himalayan salts instead of epsom salts now as they have a greater purity but I forgot to get some, so that part of the list is not done.

However I have been listening with my whole body, its worth trying- I can recommend it as I felt much more tender towards the person with whom I was conversing – it was as if each of their cells were spinning and I could feel their soul and witness their divinity. Then every one of my cells felt as though it had been touched. most odd!

In relation to the cross over towards the light this was something that I  discussed with my friend Margot this morning. She amazes me because she has esoteric knowledge that she uses to map and navigate her way through the world. She is never arrogant with it and shares it with a great deal of loving kindness. Nice though it is to communicate with CB I love my friends who are also angels to me many times over every day.

Any way end of post. Sweet dreams!

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