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Living Magically: Bluebells on Dartmoor: Heaven on Earth.

This photo was taken on the 14th of May. It’s unusual to see bluebells outside of a wood. I wish that I could encapsulate their fragrance & the sound of the skylarks for you. I left Dartmoor feeling joyous & punch drunk on beauty. It was almost too much to contain. Looking at the photo now: I am filled with wonder; because I know that by today, just three days later, the landscape will have changed & possibly be even bluer. When  I asked my personal Angel Celestial Bell for insight into this experience she replied: “Yes for a human being, to be truly present to beauty, may be hard to contain. Yet this experience gave you only the merest glimpse of Heaven. Dance in the Joy & Beauty of the Earth; It is your birthright”.

Hoping that You Dear Reader, have a joyous & beautiful day.

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