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Money Workshops- Now running weekly………

Well, we ran our first workshop & we were pleased and so I think were the participants-feedback was good.  So we will run it again next Wednesday 22nd May……..details below.

At the moment I am in Watkins Book shop sitting in the window at the red velvet table and so far no one has arrived for a reading and it is later than 4pm.

In some ways I don’t mind because I am having fun and reading a book of great beauty-Shantaram(Gregory David Roberts), but in other ways I am sore because it means making a loss this week unless people arrive soon. But I am committed to my work so  that means that I must just grin and bear it-only thing is that I realise that I still can go into fear around not having enough and not trusting.  I am not always good at just being an observer of life. So I am talking myself up-apparently a day without any bookings happens to every reader sometimes- and I know that when I do read people people are pleased. So my great task is to go with the flow,  observe without judgement-forgive myself etc etc. and try to heal my various insecurities and have COURAGE : Exhausting- why does it take so long to arrive!! I have done so much work on myself that I should be levitating by now- instead I am awash in misery and dejection- well not quite but almost!!  Any way enough of my grouchiness:

Here is CB’s take:

“Be still and observe, greater forces are at work. Use the experience to enhance your insight and improve your ability to love rather than cut off.  Trust. You are not alone. All that you need is there for you. You are held in love,”.

This blog is (with love and thanks) dedicated to one special friend in particular-who lent me Shantaram and who has today held me by offering enough security to enjoy my day in London and be at peace within my self. ( xx You know who you are!)

Hope that you can make the workshop -it is offered by skype if you can’t and we are assured that it is of value and life changing stuff.

Strengthen your Prosperity

Come and play The Money Game….

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

7.00 – 9.00pm


This is a fun, interactive workshop that aims to Strengthen your Prosperity by increasing your awareness around giving and receiving money.

Limited places:  £20.

Concession’s available.

“”Money, like sex and death, is a subject which I don’t often discuss openly.  I attended the money workshop without a clear sense of what was going to happen, or even of what I was looking for. 

Over the course of evening each participant had the opportunity to examine attitudes around money through ‘playing’ with a bundle of five pound notes.

The approach emphasises the emotional and spiritual aspects of dealing with money, rather than the practical, but is effective in getting to the root of whatever blocks there may be. I found it helpful to work within the context of a small group, and whilst there were moments of angst – there was more than enough laughter and herb tea to make the experience both enjoyable and valuable”.

Thank you, Wendy and Fiona! x (JS-Totnes).

An InSpirit Angel Productions workshop.  To Book Contact Fiona on 07791448367 or Email

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