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Revisiting Angel To Do Lists:

When I was newly divorced and had first started on the path of being a healer and angel channeller I used to have a practice of starting my day by tuning in and asking ‘my’ personal Angel Celestial Bell (CB) for ‘an Angel To Do List’. The way in which I 'tuned in', was by reaching out to CB through my inner ear and then asking her if I could consult with her. One of the benefits of doing this was that the list that was given usually included some nourishment for myself, which at that time I found difficult to allow.

Then I would post the list on my blog. I carried on this practise for a few years, gradually switching to a gratitude list.

This is a list that I posted on May 15th 2010:

  • Make sure that you bless your food before you eat

  • be constant in your love for your most beloved friend so that he can draw down on your strength.

  • Give healing freely where you see a need and your offer for assistance is accepted.

  • Raise the vibration with in your home by cleaning and look to see how ethical your supplies are.

  • work to curb your temper and have more patience

  • Try to operate from love only

  • seek solitude so that you are able to replenish.

  • enjoy the freedom that operating within faith has

  • dearly beloved know that the shift will serve you well.

  • Your healing (personal and ability to heal) is now going to be stronger. accept your gift and use it to serve.

The beauty of the Angel To Do List was that by writing it I had a structure to my day and felt that I was ‘held’. Plus I had CB’s input into my day. Of course I was in a new territory. I am revisiting the practice because now we are all in a new territory. I find that I am often feeling torn between being on full alert, needing to get things done, feeling concern for the world, feeling concern for the people that I love: etc. By starting my day with a ‘To Do List’ I can give my self permission to be present to the moment, instead of stretching myself across many different demands.

I am not intending to post my Angel To Do List every day, but in the current environment of Covid 19, I am reintroducing the practice to help me to be more focused and present. So just for once, here is the list that I wrote this morning.

  • It serves You to be patient with yourself and with others, try not to be afraid.

  • Practice consideration.

  • Spend 20 minutes sending healing, to people in the world who are ill, whom You may not know and to the world herself.

  • Write one chapter of your book.

  • Telephone the person who asked for your healing.

  • Ensure that You walk.

  • Make sure that You work.

  • Continue the gratitude practice.

  • Send love and healing to the people in your circle who are ill.

  • Be boundaried. Hold yourself in respect and esteem. Know that you are loved. Understand that you are blessed.

I hope that this is practise may be helpful to You to. Remember that within everything that there is still joy to be had in the day.

NB The picture above was painted by my friend Miranda Day. If you are interested in her work then more information may be found here;

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