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Sloe Far, Sloe Good……..


Please forgive the title but I couldn’t resist! Here is a photo of some sloes for you. I took it at Slapton Beach, impressed with the way that the sloes reflected back the colour of the sea.

I must admit that my hands were itching to pick them as I am intent on making some sloe gin this year. But I was told by my friends, ‘No you have to wait until after the first frost. It’s only then that they can release their sweetness’.  

I regarded the sloes with a new respect. Clever sloes ; they know the value of life experience.  I could identify with them.

 I just hope that I can and am capable of releasing sweetness after my various life experience frosts (rather than bitterness). And just to make sure that this is the case once the sloe gin is ready I will use it to raise a toast to the sweetness of life! La Chaim!   

Here is an Angel Reading for today:

‘Within sharpness lies clarity; but use with care & temper well”.

Indeed.  Wishing you dear Reader a blessed and bountiful autumn day.

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