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Succour, Facing the Shadows and Mimosa on the Heath.

Here are some pictures of my traveling. The first two were taken at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury on the 21st of March-where there were sacred flower displays to honour the Spring Equinox and the last three on Hampstead Heath where I found the Mimosa tree.

In my last blog I wrote that I was traveling into 2014 blindfold and this state of unknowing but trusting has continued.   I have packed down my house, given away furniture and put household effects into storage.   Much has been shed.

I left my house on the 22nd of March.  All of this acting from instinct and doing OK but drawing down heavily on the kindness of friends. I faced some nights in which I was sure that I would be sleeping in a door way and as this is my worst fear entered into deep terror.   But then I realised that I was just birthing my way out of a stagnant situation and embarking on an adventure: Reframe very useful and friends very helpful-particularly those who saw me off on my journeying and suffered my insecurities with me.

On the very last night in the old house I had no idea where I would be staying the next.  But everything worked out well for me and I have been supported each step of the way.  In a sense I wish it this way. I feel alive and free again.

‘My’ Angel – CB caused me much amusement: I kept getting a clear message — “Get the Visa”. I ignored it. Again : “Get the Visa”.  Loudly “Get the Visa”.  So I applied for a Visa to India in the I hope that this meant that I would magically be able to begin the journeying by staying at an  Ayurvedic healing village in Kairali (www.ayurvedichealingvilla).    No, not, so.  Further message “London First-Then India”.

In the process of obtaining the Visa I found out why I had to get it. It was for another reason entirely-which I may recount when I have permission from the person it concerns. But it wasn’t so that I could further delay my work!  Another lesson not to project and have assumptions.

So here I am with a Visa in my pocket and still following my instinct. I am not saying that I am advocating this course of action for everyone,  but I am saying its right for me and that now  I have swallowed my fear I feel that I am dancing in life, that I am awake and I am having fun.    I am also deeply aware of how privileged I am,  Of how loved and how supported.   This fills me with great gratitude and strength.

Message from CB (for me) “At last you have fully embarked on your path. Now stay silent and observe: The way will become clear. Finish the Book”.

And a message for You; Readers-

“Seize all opportunities for expansion and growth. The great shift arrives. Assist in the repair of the world. Realise your potential.  Know that You are Blessed and Loved “.

Indeed. Enjoy the spring, the blossom and being alive. Have fun!

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