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The bridal party at the beach

I chanced upon a bridal party at the beach; An arch (above) had been put up. For photos I think. Of course I liked that I unexpectedly came across a wedding, even if I was not invited. This is because I believe that angels are often present at weddings which I find to be holy. However, in this instance I was fascinated by the bridal arch but could not understand why. I was not that sure what it was that I had seen.

The arch seemed like a portal; full of possibility; the landscape of the couple stretches empty before them. However  the real insight that I had is that I was actually fascinated by the lack of mess ; partially afraid of the emptiness. There is no  chaos &  no confusion. Just a very pristine beach. An immaculate arch/portal; the immaculate bridal couple.  There are no entrails laid on the table. I have no idea what the future holds.

The lesson that I gleaned is that I realised that I have spent a lot of my time trying to reach a state of pristine perfection ; just like this vista and usually failing. I don’t think that I am unique in this. If I were, then we wouldn’t have phrases such as ‘there is always a cat that comes out of the bag’.

So how would it be if I stopped measuring myself against a standard of perfection that I held in my head and accepted my self (& others) as I am; as they are? Without judgment?

Of course I am not suggesting that I should not be ethical or strive. But I do want to be more accepting of my own humanity & own lack of perfection. And laugh more. And if I get to0 pompous  then the universe certainly pulls me up anyway. Why it was only just the other day that I woke up piously congratulating myself & thinking-‘you really have changed & now can see the world differently””. After this thought I immediately put my elbow on my reading glasses & snapped them half! Yes, indeed I am now seeing the world differently! And will be until I have new glasses. Very funny universe! Thank You.

So I  have decided that I have no option other than to try to love and accept my own mess & to see the perfection in the life continued within it. Ok I want insight from it & yes I will draw lessons, make rectification but if I can really accept my self  (& my mess ) with compassion then I will be stronger, more embodied & more effective; at being human that is.

So if I was making a toast at the wedding above (to which I was not invited) I would be saying; “here is to life; here’s to acceptance; here to chaos & confusion from with which emerges serendipity , perfection and a lack of confusion. Within the whirlwind we find the peace”.

I asked my personal angel; Celestial Bell, for insight:

“Have compassion for self and others. Do not be afraid of empty spaces; the world is full of possibility; immaculate in its love, and Yes indeed Angels are often present at weddings”.

Wishing you dear reader a perfect summer.

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