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The difference commitment makes- angel to do list 23rd May

I have discovered tow things: one is that making a commitment makes everything easier: So when yesterday CB said

‘enjoy the freedom that operating within faith has she was right’. This one simple step removes a lot of inner turmoil- but not I hope the ability to use critical human facility!

At the moment the tide is out in relation to having money. I know that it is back in again but my movements had been restricted due to a lack of conventional money energy. This is where I have found that by operating in alignment brings me to  a state of grace as a friend kindly offered a free holiday in France with space for a group of us. We are now working on getting there…. but I think that it will be possible.

This is my to do list for today:

  1. go back to the list of  the day before yesterday and complete

  2. be practical and task centred – you have a lot to do.

  3. stay in the energy of joy

with love to everyone reading this……….

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