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The Gift of An Angel; A Sample Chapter


Here is a link to a sample chapter of my new book; The Gift of an Angel

The Gift of an Angel is going to be available from the 27th of May 2016. If you would like to preorder a copy, then you can do  so via Watkins Books on 0207 836 2182 or email http://” It costs £10.95 or $19.95 in paperback. Published by O Books ISBN 978-1-78535-005-4

Here is a recent review:

“ In Wendy Erlick’s encounter with her life, she shares the development of her natural psychic gifts, complemented by the maturing of emotional levels of her being. Her journey is reflective of major evolving themes – Radical Forgiveness of self and others, the balancing of male and female energies in wholeness of being, the enigma of immanent presence of the Divine in all there is. As such it is a single footprint of our collective life in space and time for now”.

Claire Dunn, Author; Carl Jung; Wounded Healer of the Soul. Watkins Publishing 2000.

I have to admit that I am totally over the moon and  filled with gratitude and amazement that The Gift of An Angel is to be published. I am now working on my marketing plan. If you are reading this blog, like the sample chapter; any ideas that you may have for marketing it would be most gratefully received; Please email them to me http://wendy erlick <> Thank you.

And finally to finish: a message from my own personal Angel CB;

Do not drift into complacency; now the work really begins. Stand in your power and Strength, express gratitude and do not forget to assist others whose need is great”

Thank you CB! I will remember to assist; and if You Reader would like to also; may I recommend the following most worthy initiative which is fundraising to send socks to refugees:

With warm wishes and love;

Wendy x

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