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The magic of manifesting & synchronicity


In these last few days and weeks that have brought Super Moons and turbulence I have been  observing with fascination my  capacity (indeed all  of our capacity as humans) to manifest; or is it the universe’s ability to manifest?  A case in point. A few months ago I posted up on this very blog a photo of an ivy leaf. You can see it above. Is it a coincidence that a month or two later I was commissioned to the Ivy Club to give readings on Halloween? (Photo’s above were taken inside the Ivy Club.)

Again on this blog I posted a picture of a tree by the sea with a wooden arrow pointing outwards & showing directions beneath it. Quite unexpectedly & with grace and ease.Within one month we moved within 4 miles of where the arrow was pointing;

Yesterday my blue/green necklace broke whilst I was reading in Watkins Books. I was sad because I wanted it for my talk in Buddha on a Bicycle (Nr Covent Garden, London tomorrow between 7pm-9pm).  But I need not have feared; Lo and behold: Today I met with my friend and editor Leah who despite the fact that it was her birthday unexpectedly gave me a beautiful blue/green necklace to celebrate the publication of my book.  So I have an even better necklace for tomorrow.

Am I saying that this manifesting is easy? Yes, and No.  The more relaxed and unassuming that I am the easier it all becomes and the greater the number of miracles in my life; for all of which I am most thankful.

But being relaxed and unassuming? That’s where the work is and this can be difficult for me because it involves having enough faith to walk in grace and not be fearful. To be fully visible and of service to others and not to procrastinate because I have gone into false Ego.  Ah! Getting there!

Here for you: an Angel Reading from my personal angel Celestial Bell:

“Continue to stand still in the eye off the storm. Your strength is needed. The great moon reveals much. Whilst you may delight in the grace of the world do not forget to engage in the repair. Work to ease suffering as and where you can. There is much suffering and much work to be done. Now be present”.

Oh so now for the next challenge; to increase my level of service.

Wishing you dear Reader a good and productive rest of the week. x

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