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Where are you going to live? Nirvana ?


 I was speaking to an officer within a large organisation.      For a moment I slipped into fear and doubt. I feared that I had been ‘lost’ within a large Bureaucracy.

 Painstakingly  I explained  that  in order to be able to return to Totnes some action was needed!   I didn’t need to have been in fear. The woman on the other end of the phone heard me with warmth. Her kindness made me realise that I had not been lost at all.  My requirements were going to be attended to.  It might be a large organisation but it was an organisation that paid heed to the people it served.  I was glad. Reflecting back to her that I valued her warmth and humanity;  I thanked her for her attention; “When this happens I will be in Nirvana!” .   Her surprised and enquiring response in a broad Darlington accent was ” Where are You going to live? Nirvana!  ?”  ” No I am not going to live in Nirvana I am going to be in Nirvana!” 

I made it back home for my birthday.   I received many birthday greetings from dear family and friends all of which touched me deeply. Flowers including a beautiful birthday poppy (above) were bestowed upon me.    I had a  birthday meal of fish and chips with my sons in the Albatross in Totnes. I felt deeply cherished.  I was in Nirvana. 

Here is a message from CB:

“Even if at times the ground on which you stand appears stony, Know and Love it well. Riches lie where you stand. Observe and nourish your own pasture so that with grace you are able to give more to others”.

I wish you dear reader a day of grace. xx 

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