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Painting 'Ready to Fly', by Miranda Day.


Calling All Angels - How to Connect to Angels.

A Workshop to Connect With Angels and Angelic Energy.


I am pleased to invite You to a workshop to develop your ability to connect to angels.  The workshop is designed to give You esoteric teachings which will enable a deeper understanding of connecting with angelic energies. The purpose of the workshop is to increase your confidence and skill and to receive and utilise angelic messages for all aspects of your life.


This course is for anyone on a spiritual journey with an interest in working with Angels.  The workshop includes a personal Angel Reading for each participant.


Course Content: 

  • What to consider when connecting with Angels (conventions)
  • Practical Steps Toward Connecting with Angels
  • How to validate the authenticity of your connection
  • Different ways of engaging with Angels and including them in your everyday life
  • A session of Shamanic Drumming by Lilith to call angels in and aid connection.
  • Creating and working with Angel 'to-do' lists
  • true stories of angel connections.


Course Outcomes:

  • Greater Confidence in working with Angels, connecting with them and including them in your life.
  • An understanding of the ethics of working with Angels.
  • A nourishing day to help strengthen You in Your practice.
  • Angelic Guidance to empower You on your Path. 
  • A sense of wonder through experiencing an Angelic connection (hopefully!)


The workshop includes a personal Angel Reading for each participant. 


The Workshop will take place on Saturday 22nd of June between 11 am-4 pm from St Martins Lane, London WC2H 0DH. Lunch is included and there are no more than 8 participants.


Workshop Leader: Wendy Erlick is an Author, Angel Channeller, Bi-Aura Energy Healer, Theta Healer, Intuitive Coach and Tarot Reader. She has been practising the art of divination professionally since 2009 and has been Watkins Books' in-house Angel Channeller and Intuitive Coach Since 2013. Wendy is a regular columnist for Kindred Spirit Magazine. She has run workshops internationally and teaches energy management to assist everyone. Her speciality and passion are in Angel Channelling, divination, energy clearing and manifestation, working at the level of the highest potential to help you bring your gifts to the world - attract and create the life that you wish to lead on earth.


Wendy will be assisted by:


Lilith Yu. Lilith Yu is a shamanic practitioner, Lemurian singer priest, energy healer, angel healer, crystal healer and tarot reader. She was born into a shamanic family with ancestral gifts and helper spirits and has been practising professionally in various holistic practices since she was 15. She retrieved her past life practices and has been giving healing, reading and ceremonies for more than 10 years. She has clients all over the world and transcends everyday circumstances to see everyone’s highest potential. She is passionate about helping people to claim and stand in their highest power and to be able to manifest happiness and success in their lives.


The venue: The workshop will be delivered from St Martins Lane, just around the corner from Watkins Books. It is a large airy and comfortable room.

The nearest Tube is Leicester Square Station, although Charing Cross is also close.


Full joining instructions will be provided once a place has been booked.


Refreshments and lunch: Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day and lunch is also provided, although there are many venues available locally if this is preferred. 


Terms and Conditions:


Refund Policy:

Once booked your place is non-refundable. However, we will do our best to give You a space on a subsequent course if circumstances mean you cannot attend.


Before enrolling, please read the following important information carefully:

These courses are designed for adults only. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Please do not sign up if you are under 18, as we will not be able to accept you. These courses are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or physical conditions. They are for educational and personal development purposes only. If you have any existing or suspected mental or physical health issues, please consult your doctor before enrolling. We are not responsible for any adverse effects that may arise from your participation in these courses.


In some of our courses, we may provide you with a meal. Please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities you have before enrolling. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we cannot guarantee that the food will be allergens-free.


These courses are meant to be a safe and respectful space for learning and sharing. Whilst we encourage course participants to network and share details on a personal level, we do ask that you do not distribute or promote your own or others' professional contact details, products or services on the course premises. If you are a fellow spiritual professional yourself, please refrain from offering your own guidance or advice to other students, unless explicitly requested by the course facilitator. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you.


Thank you for your interest in our spiritual courses. We hope you enjoy them and benefit from them. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before the course. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Calling All Angels - How to Connect to Angels.

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