The course: Alchemy, Transformation consists of x 4 x 1.5 hr intuitive coaching sessions, arranged at Your convenience and conducted either by zoom or in person in St Martins Lane, London. WC2H 0DH.


This is a practical and metaphysical (spiritual) course that takes place over 1-3 months, with a coaching session held every week, fortnight or three weeks to your preference. Designed around Your needs and Your talents the purpose of the work is to ensure measurable results through alchemy and transformation.💫✨


In the first session we will identify The Work through considering  how to overcome setbacks, how to overcome a shadow, or a fear. How to overcome a trauma that's been holding you back and stopping you from being who you want to be. How to distance the gap between you stuck self and your "etherial self" or how to actualise the self you really want to be.


What would it Take to Make Your Life feel free of blocks and tramua? Which barriers do You have to living Your best Life?


Sessions 2 and Session 3 will concentrate upon removing blocks and tramua through energy work, visualiation and integration.  These elements of Alchemy,  Transformation are designed around Your experiences, Your needs, and worked out with You individually. The emphasis is on transformation through process.


The expectation is that this will result in the outcome of alchemy with grounded practical and measurable success.  We will also introduce a sprinkling of magic by asking for Angelic help and guidance and work to develop your intuition.


Session 4 is a consolidation session. What were the original Goals ? Have they been achieved? Did they point the way to something different entirely? How confident are You that the way ahead is now clear of blocks and that You hold a clarity of vision and a gameplan to take You to where You wish to be?


Please do not think that you have to be vibrating at a particular 'Spiritual Level' to access this course. It is open to any one who wishes to embark on the adventure, or continue the adventure, of being their most powerful and successful self. Please come prepared for transformation, alchemy, tears, laughter, magic, focus and tangible results.


Once the course is booked and payment made, I will be back in touch by return to arrange your first session. Looking forward to working with You to create achemy and transformation so that You can live Your best Life.

Alchemy, Transformation.