Intuitive Coaching, Esoteric Development.

Intuitive Coaching, Esoteric Development.


This is a divinely inspired, open session.  It may include energy work, or energy healing: remote  bi-aura and theta healing, esoteric coaching, or planning. You may wish to use the session for realignment or to communicate with your Angel or Guide. The work will be devised together with you, and agreed by you, at the start of the session.


  • Includes a channelled angel reading.  
  • The written reading will be emailed to you as a PDF file, with a specially chosen photo. 
  • Conducted internationally by Zoom/Skype, 
  • Once a booking has been made I will be in contact with you directly, by email or phone, to arrange your session. 


  • 1hr session

    You are paying for a one hour session, multiple sessions can be bought.

  • Terms & Conditions

    • It is always possible to reschedule appointments by mutual agreement, if 24hrs notice is given, otherwise the time will be charged for.
    • Insured with Balens.

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