Energy Clearing & Blockage Removal

Energy Clearing & Blockage Removal


A powerful session for clearing, using a variety of techniques, incuding radical forgiveness, visualisation and hoponopono. This is the most popular product that I offer. The feedback that I have is that the hoponopono in particular helps to produce miracles. Testimonals are available on request. 

  • Bespoke energy work
  • Includes personal chanelled angel reading
  • The written reading will be emailed to you as a PDF file, with a specially chosen photo. 
  • Conducted internationally by Zoom/Skype, or in person in London, at The Arboretum, 2a Charing Cross Road.   
  • I will be in contact with you directly, by email or phone, to arrange your  session. 


  • 1hr session

    You are paying for a 1.5  hour session, multiple sessions can be bought.

  • Terms & Conditions

    • It is always possible to reschedule appointments by mutual agreement, if 24hrs notice is given, otherwise the time will be charged for.
    • Insured with Balens.

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