This is a personally guided visualiastion that enables grounding, realignment and renewal. It is the pride of my work and only available on a one to one basis. Conducted internationally by Zoom/Skype, or in person in London at The Arboretum, 2A Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HF or by zoom/ skype/whats ap.   Each session also includes an Angel Reading, which will either be given to you at the time or sent across by email. And although I ask you not to teach this high vibration esoteric exercise, once you have learnt it, it is yours to keep and should, if it does its work, bring you lasting benefit. I will be in touch within the day to arrange a time when you book this session: or please feel free to check in with me and arrange a time prior to booking.  Thank You 

Energy visualisation for renewal

    • It is always possible to reschedule appointments by mutual agreement, if 24hrs notice is given, otherwise, the time will be charged for.
    • Insured with Balens.

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