Manifestation and Abundance.    What Do You Want?    And How to Get it!

With Dan Kahn and Wendy Erlick


Who wants to live the Life that they want to Live, with a passion for the life they want to live? This is what we will be doing in the next three evenings - learning how to manifest that life.


The course is structured into three evenings - Thursday 27th of January

7.30 pm - 9pm GMT

Saturday 29th of January 7.30pm - 9pm

Monday 31st January 7.30pm - 9pm GMT


The Course will cover:

a) Finding out what you want

You are the worlds foremost expert on yourself. 

How can you get something if you don’t know what it is you want to get?


b) Getting what you want - a 'how to’, using scientifically proven and anecdotally effective tools to achieve what you want in your life


c) Consolidating and manifesting in abundance what you want with passion.


At the end of the workshop You will have increased knowlege of the tools needed to successfully bring your gifts to the world. 

Cost £150 for three workshops including an esoteric workbook provided in advance.

Early Bird Discount: Book by 21st of January 2022 using the coupon code Earlybird and pay £120.00

About Dan Kahn: After an Army and a corporate career, Dan did a major career change and started teaching and practicing complementary therapies. He was featured as ‘One of London’s Top 50 Well-Being Gurus’ in a daily newspaper, awarded the ‘Highly Commended’ rating by the CAM Awards Outstanding Practice show, featured in a BBC2 documentary about practices on Harley Street in London, and has appeared in several high profile magazines such as Vogue and Harpers & Queen. Dan started his journey in meditation over 25 years ago. He has studied Indian, Chinese and Japanese meditation techniques. He has learnt under a Zen Master, a Ninja Master and is a qualified instructor in both Daoist and Zen Meditation techniques.

Apart from meditation, manifestation is another deep interest of Dan’s. He likes the quote by Wayne Dyer “Manifesting is not about attracting what you want. Manifesting is an awareness and understanding that you attract what you are.” Dan has two Masters’ degrees, one in IT and one in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine. He likes to be grounded in a scientific and evidence based approach, but loves it when the Universe surprises him at just how magickal it can be. Manifestation and Abundance is a part of the Universe’s magick. Dan deeply enjoys teaching and learning, especially as they usually occur together in workshops. 



About Wendy Jane Erlick: works as an intuitive coach, and energy healer and is the  in-house Angel Channeller for Watkins Books, which is the oldest esoteric bookshop in England. She is Director and owner of Celestial Coaching Ltd.

She has the ability to connect to and also channel angels. She writes a column for Kindred Spirit and is the author of “The Gift of An Angel: A Guide to Integrating Spirituality into Every Day Life.

Prior to embarking on her metaphysical path Wendy worked in the public sector. She was a fundraiser and raised in excess of £1.5 million for charities and social enterprises. 
She is passionate about understanding the processes of manifestation and abundance and is skilled in the practical application of manifestation and abundance techniques. Wendy likes to sprinkle magic into practicality, facilitating the creation of miracles into every day life. 

Manifestation and Abundance.  What Do You Want? And How to Get it!