This participative workshop is designed to explored  the esoteric and practical secrets of successful manifestation within the times of The Great Turning. It is inspired by an Angel Message that I channeled recently that read: "Try to have courage even as you enter the eye of the storm; To step into uncertainty and confusion may appear to be reckless yet if you are truly able to surrender You will find your self supported and in Grace".

What does being 'In Grace" look like in these times? Are we entering the eye of the storm? How can we remain grounded during times of great change? How do  we  maintain the integrity of spiritual concepts which the 'mainstream' seems to be absorbing and diluting. How do we navigate change that is not of our choice or making?

How can we develop our own individual 'trust in the universe fund' and learn how to harness the power of doubt and sceptism to transform our lives.  There will be a chance to hear and share stories of what being In Grace  means as well as a meditation in which (hopefully) you will recieve a symbolic gift from Spirit

This zoom workshop takes place on Saturday 18th of June @ 8pm. It consists of a  presentation-meditation- break out rooms  and feedback.   The zoom link will be sent back to you by return, once your booking is recieved. 

The Image of the 9 of Earth (or Pentacles) which  represents the successful integration of the spiritual and material is taken from The Shimmering Veil Tarot Deck and is Copywrite Cilla Conway. 

Exploring the Time of The Great Turning : ZOOM Workshop