This workshop  focuses on manifesting your best and most successful life.

The workshop runs between 10.30am and 4.30pm. Lunch is included.


Pt1: During the morning session the focus will be on gaining an esoteric understanding of the Process of Manifestation.


Pt2: Clearing Barriers to Successful Manifestation:


Pt3: Prosperity Threshold Reset.




Pt4: Bringing Down the Dream: Developing and trusting Intuition, asking guides/angels, devas for help. How to obtain and infuse that sprinkle of magic.


Pt5: Integrating the Spiritual and the Material for successful manifestation by developing a metaphysical business plan to chart  progress and support the universe in materialising your dreams.


The aims of the workshop are to give You the following:


a) A clearing and integration of internal doubts, blockages and barriers to success

b) A clarity about what it is that you want.

c) A greater understanding of the process of how to manifest what you want.

d) A strategy to ground and bring forward your goals into your everyday material life.


The Practical Power Manifestation Workshop takes place in St Martins Lane Central London. WC2H 0DH. No more than 8 participants. Its suitable for anyone who wants to explore the subject, regardless of which ever 'level' you feel your self to be.

NB I will be in touch via email with joining instructions once the session is booked.

Practical Power Manifestation Workshop.