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The Metaphysical Angel Planner 2023.  For Clearing, for Gratitude and Focus.

An hour-long session by available via zoom or in person in St Martins Lane. The Metaphysical Executive Planner 2023, is a practical and focused session that combines divination using Tarot Cards, intuition, and angel channeling with the development of a grounded strategy and business plan to bring clarity and purpose into Your life. If You are seeking clarity on your way forward or would like a power boost then this session will be useful to You.  During the session, You will be able to create a unique and dynamic vision board/ planner combination to give focus and create a partnership between the Universe and Yourself to bring your heartfelt wishes to reality. 

Once Your order is placed I will be in touch by return to arrange your session. Please bring a crystal, pen, paper, a drink to your session when working by zoom.  A photo of Your Tarot Reading will be sent to You . The session will finish with a personalised Channelled Angel Message which will be sent as a PDF.

The Metaphysical Angel Planner 2024

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