Practical Metaphysics in Action: Your Design

Practical Metaphysics in Action: Your Design


‘Practical Metaphysics in Action: Your Design’ is a new four part course, by zoom or 1-2-1 sessions in Central London held every other week.  If You are in the period of transition, or wish to make changes in your life, or have a project that you wish to implement then this course is for You. The process is one of clarification, energy work to remove self perceived blockages, project vision / design and the development of a strategy.  The outcome: Change. 

The zoom sessions are recorded for Your record.  Sessions last between 1.0 hr and 1.5 hrs. 

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    This is a focused and results driven course. Once booked I will be in touch to arrange your sessions.  The sessions are held every two weeks in order to ensure continuety with practical outcome and change in Your life. 

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