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Thank you! Working with you and chatting with you is always enlightening and calming...  Working with you enhances my peace level (always feel more zen after or soon after) and it gives me strengths to face the unknown with patience, kindness, consideration and appreciation...


You really do magic with me! Couldn’t be here without you and your guiding angel!

Anonymous Client - 2020

Wendy Jane Erlick

The purpose of my work is, through coaching, to access both your innate wisdom and source energy. This will help bring realignment and maximise your ability to be strong on your path so that you may reach your greatest potential.  

Currently, I am working on a one-to-one basis via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.


Every session offers an opportunity for focused work with concrete outcomes. The work is guided by the goals of the client.  A variety of approaches may be used including; Bi-aura energy healing, theta healing, intuitive coaching, executive coaching,  energy management, and leadership development. Each session commissioned includes a channelled angel reading. There is more information to be found in the shop. 


I understand my work as a sacred act.  My role is to facilitate connection with the Divine within you and to the Divine without; and that this contraction and expansion results in balancing or realignment for you. By doing this I enable you to obtain insight/clarity, to be in touch with your deepest truth and confirmation that the path that you are taking is true and authentic. The outcome should be that you leave the session feeling enlightened, empowered and in touch with Source energy. That healing has taken place, your own inner wisdom has been activated and you are strong. 

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Wendy Jane Erlick


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