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Practical Spirituality for Awakening Minds

Stop living a life in which you do not hold your power or fulfil your full potential.

Stop being weighed down and hampered by your past.


Begin to live the life of your dreams and be in Heaven on Earth.


I’m here to build your courage and confidence so you may release barriers and fully bring your gifts to the world. It's time to shine and stand in YOUR power!

My Work

We are living in a time of great change. The consciousness of the people living on Earth and the vibration of the Earth is in a process of awakening. We have the potential to make a great leap forward with our lives.


As an intuitive, the messages that I receive tell me that our work is to integrate the

Spiritual with the Material. 


The entrails lie out on the table bringing with them; 

change, purification, disruption, grief, acknowledgement of the Divine, sadness joy and realignment.


Of course so much change can be a challenge to navigate.


 I work with clients on a 1:1 basis or in groups to help bring about inner change, to help access or consolidate the Golden Shadow, the Power that we each hold. Inner change will bring external change. I can teach you enhanced mindful techniques to help manage the heavy energy of the times. I provide Intuitive Coaching To help you to be strong, purposeful and held on your path. To be able to fully bring your gifts to the world stand in your power and live the life the you were born to lead.

Connect with Me and we can begin.


Wendy Jane Erlick

The Celestial Coach


- Intuitive Coach

- Bi Aura Energy Healing

- Angel Channeling

- In House Healer and Coach at Watkins Books

- Columnist at Kindred Spirit

- International Retreat Leader

- Published Author


"Its not where you have come from that matters,
it is where you are heading."

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1:1 Sessions

Intuitive Coaching, Energy Clearing and Angel. 


Group Workshops

Interactive online workshops with groups. The workshops explore tools for spiritual integration and development to help you on your path.

Tarot Reading

I offer realigning Tarot readings that bring clarity into any situation you may be facing.

Using The Shimmering Veil Tarot cards.


It has been wonderful to work with Wendy who is such a genuine, warm and lovely person. Her heartfelt desire to provide healing, guidance and support to me during a challenging time in my life is heaven sent and appreciated so much.


Thank you! Working with you and chatting with you is always enlightening and calming...  Working with you enhances my peace level (always feel more zen after or soon after) and it gives me strengths to face the unknown with patience, kindness, consideration and appreciation...


You really do magic with me! Couldn’t be here without you and your guiding angel!


This angel helped me reconnect with my angels. She helps me to shed the darkness and look again to the light.

The experiences I've had on the way to see Wendy, whilst seeing Wendy, after seeing Wendy and generally just since knowing Wendy have allowed me to keep remembering who I really am and what I am really here to do. 

I can never express the correct amount of gratitude to tell you how wonderful this woman is.

I hope somebody reading this adds her light to your life in the way I have. This is a special human being with a beautiful soul whose been sent to assist others in retrieving theirs. Thanks for everything Wendy.


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Green Agate
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