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As an Intuitive Coach my role is not to offer advice. However Channelled Angel Messages and Tarot Readings will usually contain prediction and advice which is for your guidance only. The outcome is your responsibility. I do not have the power to direct your life. I am working with you to empower your life.


It is not my practice to give predictions that are fear based. I will never give you predictions of death. Whilst I do sometimes receive and pass on guidance that is medically related or business related I am neither a doctor or a lawyer. I am seeking to give you guidance that will help you to be empowered to navigate challenges successfully.


I work with clients from many different backgrounds and nationalities and with members of the LGBTQ community. This work is my deepest and most sacred privilege. Please be assured of my respect and care.


I am not in a position to offer ‘emergency’ bookings, although if you live near enough to Watkins Books they will sometimes have unfilled slots and I may be able to see you on the day. Please call 0207 836-2182 to check availability and book.


All readings and sessions are completely confidential. If I channel on your behalf I usually forget the channelling afterwards.


Please pay for your session at the time of booking via the website. If you find that you need to rearrange your booking, that is fine providing that 48 hrs notice is given. After that the fee is non-refundable.


 A non refundable deposit of 50% is required for workshops.


Readings and sessions are held either by zoom or in person in St Martins Lane London WC2H. Once you have made a payment for a reading we will arrange a time for your session and I will send you a zoom link.


Readings and sessions are often back to back. This makes it difficult to extend the time if you arrive to your session late. Please be on time, otherwise the time lost will be cut from the reading.


The Course ‘Walking Your Walking, Talking Your Talk takes place over 4 sessions. The course is designed for sessions to be taken within one to three weeks for maximum impact. Once 12 weeks are up, any outstanding sessions are cancelled.


I reserve the right to reschedule and cancel a course or session at short notice if I need to due to unforeseeable circumstances

Let's Work Together

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