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A Hand Written Angel Reading Channelled Especially for You:


Conducted internationally by Zoom or in person at St Martin's Lane.


A 30-minute session to give You a personal Angel Reading. This is an opportunity to receive angelic guidance in Your Life. Often Angel Readings will give insight into  your life's purpose, but they can also be very direct:

" I don't know if you remember but when we talked before there was some discussion and angel guidance about when I would leave and in what capacity i.e. part-time. That timing has turned out to be spot on (18-20 months - our last session was August 2022). I have left but I will be coming back on a freelance part-time basis, so very interesting :)" AD: Chef


This is the process of receiving Your Reading:


Once you have placed and paid for your order I will be in touch by email to arrange a time and send you a Zoom link if appropriate.


Please have a glass of water and a crystal with you for your reading. Once the session is complete your personal channelled and handwritten Angel reading will be photographed and emailed to you. The original will be sent to You by post. If You are able to feel energy You may be able to feel the vibration of the reading once You receive it. I will show You how to do this during the session. I hope that Your  Angel Reading is something for You to keep and cherish and that it Nourishes You for many years to come. 

A Hand Written Angel Reading Channelled Especially for You

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