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If You  wish to refine and develop your ability to connect with Angels, as well as recieve Angelic Healing and a Personal Angel Message then this session is for You.


It offers a chance to understand and develop Your capacity to connect with Angels, to safely manage the connection and include them in your life.


Each session is unique to You, and therefore tailored to Your needs. The content will differ each time according to what You bring to the table and wish to explore. This is a unique service in that includes study/enquiry and practice. I will offer Angelic Healing If You Wish.


For example:

  • How to have confidence in Your ability to connect to Angels.
  • How to recieve messages and insight and be confident in incorporating these in your life
  •  Angelic help in manifesting material assistance.
  • Ethics and guidelines around connecting to Angels.
  • Theta Energy Healing, within which I use Angelic help.


This is an hour long session either by zoom or in person in St Martins Lane, London.


During the course of the work I will channel a written Angel Reading offering guidance, which if we are working together You may take away.


If we are working by zoom, once the session is complete your personal channelled Angel reading will be emailed to you as a PDF file, with a specially chosen photo.


You may record the session if you wish. 


Once you have placed and paid for your order I will be in touch by email to arrange a time and send you a zoom link if we are working on-line. Please have a glass of water and a crystal with you for your reading.


Wendy Erlick  is an Author, Angel Channeller, Bi Aura Energy Healer, Theta Healer, Intuitive Coach and Tarot Reader.She has been practicing the art of divination professionally since 2009 and has been Watkins Books in-house Angel Channeller and Intuitive Coach Since 2013.  She is the author of "The Gift of An Angel-A Guide to include Spirituality in Everyday Life": Wendy is  a columnist for Kindred Spirit Magazine. She runs workshops internationally and teaches energy management to assist everyone. Her speciality and passion is in energy clearing and manifestation, working at the level of the highest potential to help you to bring your gifts to the world -  attract and create the life that you wish to lead on earth.


Angelic Enquiry, Connection and Healing Study Session.

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