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In this session the work is to focus on manifesting your best and most successful life. You may wish to work on uplifting Your Life overall, or on creating the best chance to bring a project into Your Life. This may be to attact love or prosperity, a specific business idea, all of these or something else. We will consider, what would this look like and what the barriers are that stop You. We will work to energetically remove the barriers using the techniques of radical forgiveness and ho'oponopo. This should enable you to reset your prosperity / love threshold. Then we will create a practical, grounded success and abundance strategy (also magical) that will help you to move forward and bring your vision to fruititon. The session will end with a personal channelled Angel Reading or three card Tarot Spread. By zoom or in person at St Martins Lane, London. WC2H 0DH

Create A Strategy to bring Success and Abundance into Your Life.

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