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A 45 minute session using Bi-aura Energy Healing and / or Theta Healing to bring realignment and promote maximum emotional and physical well being . Bi Aura Energy works in a similar way to Reiki, except that it uses earth energy for the healing as well as source energy.  The method is essentially to rebalance the Chakras to facilitate the bodies capacity to heal itself. Theta Healing also works energetically and I often combine the two practices.

I am fully trained and experienced bi aura practitioner, (qualified in 2009). Whilst I have seen many miracles during my work, with amazing results, I can only offer that in each session is approached on the basis  under promising and (hopefully) over delivering. This means letting go of any outcome, or expectation  to allow the healing enough purity to take place. 

As it is often the case that Angels are present during Bi-Aura Healing and Theta Healing it is a great pleasure and delight to complete each Energy Healing Session with a Personal Angel Reading. 

Sessions may take place remotely, by zoom, or in person in St Martins Lane, London.  Each session lasts 45mins.

Energy Healing (in person or remote) and Angel Reading

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