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Do You ever have a de-ja vue moment? A feeling that You have seen or heard something before? Perhaps a tantalising glimpse of a past life?  Of course, if You are on Your Spiritual Path, You may understand that this journey is about self-actualisation. Having a strong idea of Your past life can help You in this one, and knowing Your soul or life's purpose will help to give  You a strong moral compass and bring your gifts to the world with greater confidence.  


Workshop Leader Yvie Sanchez has devised a practical Workshop which includes a group past life regression, through a guided meditation, to find your purpose.  Yvie believes that finding your Purpose/Dharma is not only about how you make money: it’s about the sort of life you make and whether, overall, you find it fulfilling and purposeful. Whether or not you can, or want to, make your living from finding your purpose/Dharma, you may enrich yourself by ensuring that there’s some part of your day or week when you’re doing what comes most naturally to you and makes you feel at your most centred and authentic. During the session, Yvie will guide you to find what your Purpose/Dharma is, and what is it that your heart truly desires.  You may even discover something about yourself that you never even knew.

Course Content:

  • A Group Past Life Regression through a guided meditation.
  • Meeting Your Guides to gain knowledge of Your Lives purpose.
  • Validation of messages received: A participative exercise/ practice to read 'signs' and how these signs may strengthen Your resolve and give you validation.
  • Integrating the knowledge gained during your past life regression into your everyday life
  • An individual Angel Reading from Wendy Erlick.

Course Outcomes:

  • Strength received through a nourishing day in a supportive and participative environment.
  • A knowledge of Your Life's Purpose or Soul Purpose
  • Clarification of Ideas, or clarification of how to integrate your past life(s) into this current one in a way that is beneficial to You. 
  • A participative exercise/ practice on reading 'signs' and how these signs may strengthen Your resolve and give you guidance. 
  • An Individual Angel Reading (from Wendy Erlick).


Workshop Leader :

Yvie Sanchez is. A certified QHHT level 2 Practitioner (Quantum healing Hypnosis Technique) method by Dolores Cannon and a Regressive Introspective therapist trained by Aurelio Mejia. She was also trained by Brian Weiss who is a forerunner in the field of past life regression. I am delighted to be able to work with her and can personally testify to her expertise and strong holding. Yvie was born in Colombia and has just moved to London after spending twelve years in Dubai. With a background in investment banking and the cultural sector, she has always worked and connected with people from all walks of life at different levels and understands how important it is to feel connected, not only to others but to ourselves. Yvie is a Clinical Certified  Hypnotherapist Compassionate Inquiry®️ practitioner with Dr Gabor Maté, A Regressive Therapist and a  trauma-informed Hypnotherapist.

Workshop Support: 

Wendy Erlick is an Author, Angel Channeller, Bi-Aura Energy Healer, Theta Healer, Intuitive Coach and Tarot Reader. She has been practising the art of divination professionally since 2009 and has been Watkins Books' in-house Angel Channeller and Intuitive Coach Since 2013. Wendy is a regular columnist for Kindred Spirit Magazine. She has run workshops internationally and teaches energy management to assist everyone. Her speciality and passion are in divination, energy clearing and manifestation, working at the level of the highest potential to help you bring your gifts to the world - attract and create the life that you wish to lead on earth.


Save The Date: The Workshop will take place on Saturday 21st of September between 11 am-4 pm from St Martins Lane, London WC2H 0DH. Lunch is included and there are no more than 8 participants.


Venue: The Workshop will be delivered from St Martins Lane, just around the corner from Watkins Books. It is a large airy room (there is a glimpse of it in the photo above) in a Mansion Block that is surprisingly peaceful, considering the busyness outside. The ambience of the room has been described as 'magical'. Fun and laughter are considered integral.


Refreshments and Lunch.

Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day and lunch is also provided, although there are many venues available on the doorstep if this is preferred. Full joining instructions will be provided once a place has been booked. Transport: The nearest Tube is Leicester Square, although Charing Cross is also nearby. Returns: Policy Non-Refundable, due to small numbers. There are no more than 8 other participants. If You do have to cancel, we will do our best to offer You a place at a subsequent workshop without cost.

Past Life Regression to Discover Your Purpose and to Be Strong on Your Path.

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